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29th August 2012

Chetan Bhagat Turns to Non-Fiction Genre

Chetan Bhagat started his career as a banker; after a decade of successful banking career, he got completely involved into writing and is now one of the leading writers of new-age India. Not only does he give motivational speeches, but he also writes colu...

29th November 2011


The First Discussion Paper produced by the Empowered Committee of state Finance Ministers has come out with an innovative way to deal with inter-state transaction of goods and services. The forthcoming GST will be dual in nature and will be levied on all ...

17th January 2011

Practical and Legal Aspects of Free P2P Music Downloads

The legal aspects of free P2P music downloads is often either ignored or misunderstood. The law is not obscure with regard to downloading music and movies using file sharing services, and nobody should be in doubt that downloading copyright-protected musi...

11th January 2011

Toll Free Numbers Can Raise Your Business

There is no denying that having a toll-free number will go a long way in helping businesses to develop a brand image and gain increased customer recognition. It is therefore worthwhile to examine the various benefits that business houses can derive by own...

07th January 2011


The idea of dropping the most quarrelsome issue of Constitutional Amendment from the recently concluded meeting of the Empowered Committee of the State Finance Ministers didnít work well for the Government as it also failed to provide any fruitful results...

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