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05th January 2011

Detoxify Your Body With Home And Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies have a way of keeping your body clean. Because of what we are eating and ingesting, our body is riddled with toxins. These toxins make our skin look dry and grey. They also impair our core systemic functions. Detoxifying your system sh...

10th May 2010

Ethical Wildcrafting

Ethical wildcrafting means harvesting useful plants in the wild so that their long-term sustainability is ensured while providing the needed material to make remedies for humans. It is the duty of the consumer and the practitioner to be knowledgeable abou...

16th December 2009

Tips - Enhance Your Disease Fighting Mechanism

When do you turn fragile and weak? When your body has poor immune system and is unable to fight against the disease causing bacteria. The foreign body which enters your system has overpowered your immune system. With this, your body loses the capacity to ...

12th October 2009

Natural Lip Balm

Much lip service has been given to greener lifestyles, but what about greener service for your lips? Considering that even the most conscientious amongst us will end up licking our lips a few times a day, doesn't it make sense to be as proactive about wh...

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