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19th September 2011

The Protidiet Solution: Safe, Healthy Weight Loss

If youíre a typical American, then you probably have some experience with trying quick weight loss diets. Whether itís a New Yearís resolution to get in shape, or slimming down for an important event, the weight loss question on most Americansí minds is: ...

03rd February 2010

16 Ways to Burn Stubborn Body Fat

Eat less ... lose weight?!? Here's the other stuff you can do to get leaner. 1) Don't diet to extremes. Reducing calories by 15-20% a day will almost exclusively burn fat while larger cuts in calories will burn a combo of muscle tissue and fat. Muscle...

16th December 2009

Flawless Skin - Want To Get In Shape For Summer?

Not only does eating low carb puddings help with weight loss, but they can help you reach pristine skin as well . There's a proved relationship between high carbohydrate intake and spots or acne, so that suggests that low carb desserts will help you get ...

27th November 2009

Safe weight loss All About the Atkins Diet

His concept for weight loss is that we need to be concerned with the carbohydrates we eat, not the fat. Many people have found great success using the Atkins diet. However, it is not for everyone. Before you start the Atkins diet, or any kind of diet, tal...

26th June 2009

About Low Carbohydrate Fruits

A lot of people who are on a weight loss diet as well as almost all health-conscious people consider fruits as some of the best foods to have in stock for their everyday meals. And why not? Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, and are low in fat. The...

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