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16th May 2011

Prepare your Taxes

Tax season can be very stressful when it comes to organizing and staying up to date with your financial matters. It is important to stay organized in order to pay the correct amount of tax when it comes to it. Having the correct documentation to prove you...

01st April 2011

ATM Charity Giving Looks Set to Become Part of the UK Big Society

The UK Coalition government is calling on banks and ATM providers to let them know how to make charitable donations via ATM happen in the UK. Consultations are taking place in the early months of 2011 and will be led by Cabinet Office Minister Francis Mau...

26th November 2010

Income Tax Rebate Tips: Some Beneficial Tips!!

Do you know what income tax means and how much income tax you are paying? There are lots of things that one must be aware of. The tax which is charged on the incomes of person or corporations is known as income tax. A person must be aware how much income ...

01st February 2010

Businesses - Recycle Cell Phones, Do The Right Thing, And Save A Few Bucks At The Same Time

During these tumultuous economic times, most businesses are concerned about their bottom line more than anything else. That is understandable since businesses are supposed to make a profit so they can do things like pay their employees, for instance. But ...

05th January 2010

Fundraising Cookbooks - They Have Been Around For Decades and Still Going Strong

Fundraising ideas abound. Thank goodness they do, because raising money for good causes, charities and organizations is a large part of being a human being. We, as a species, are naturally generous and giving. Even though we possess that benevolent and co...

15th December 2009

Information on Preparing Tax Returns Online and Filing.

Preparing the tax returns is not as easy as it seems to be. Filing the tax return is very simple for the tax expert professionals or attorneys. This is the reason for most of the tax payers availing the services of the tax expert professionals or attorney...

23rd November 2009

Organize Your Income Tax Records neatly

Before even beginning to organize your tax records, be aware that the Internal Revenue Service recommends hanging on to them for three to seven years, depending on your personal situation. There are some records you might want to keep longer like records...

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