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10th February 2011

French Manicure Guide

The French nail manicure is the classic look. It is appropriate for special occasions, such as weddings and for casual days, such as the beach. Do it yourself French manicures can also be done at home by using stencils to apply nail polish. The nails are ...

04th February 2011

How to Design a Personalized T-Shirt Design

One of the most personalized crafts out there is making your own T-shirt. From iron-on transfers to sites that do the work for you, there are many options open to those who want to make their own T-shirt design. The most popular way is to buy supplies fro...

17th November 2010

Give Your Nails Some Wow Factor

Have you ever admired another woman's fingernails? The kind that are funky and colourful and you find yourself wanting to copy the look. Well, why not be your own trendsetter? Fabulous fingernails are part of the overall image you present to the worl...

30th June 2009

Things You SHOULD Know About Cake Decorating

Ah, the joys of cake decorating. The pros make it look so easy. Truth is, decorating a cake is an art and one that isn't easily mastered. Sure, anybody can toss a glob of frosting on a cake but the true artist turns that cake into a visual masterpie...

16th June 2009

Social Activism Making A Protest Sign

By DJ in Politics
Something's inspired you to go protest. Well, you need a sign. Something clever always gets attention at a protest. Even if you're not creative, you can make a protest sign that'll get attention and hopefully inspire.It doesn't take more than an hour's wo...

15th June 2009

Bansky Prints – Innovative website offers excellent resources on Banksy Prints

Art is just as popular as it ever has been, with an increasing public trend now considering street art to be on a comparative level with those of the old masters. The popular UK graffiti artist known more commonly as Banksy has just launched his first maj...

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