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21st March 2011

Is Cosmetic Packaging Different for Organic Products?

Health is true wealth; we have come to understand this as a fact and are fast becoming more health conscious. More people are adopting a healthier lifestyle free of chemicals and toxins. In a time when toxins and chemicals are a fact of life, the only way...

14th January 2011

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening The Laser Method

Just the thought of going to the dentist is enough to run shivers down your spine, the sight of those cold metal instruments and the thought of them in your mouth and the smell of the cleaning disinfectants, it's no wonder a lot of us avoid having cosmeti...

07th October 2010

Food Products For Slimming Down Following Healthy Weight loss Program

By Lori in Diet
Research has found sixty seven percent of dieters put back on all her or his weight in a single year. Furthermore, a huge ninety six percent gain back all their body weight in five years. That up and down weight variation will be worse than obesity. Corre...

03rd August 2010

Why avoid breast surgery!

Top 5 reasons to avoid breast surgery Many women are unhappy with their appearance! One area many of them look for improvement is the breasts size and one of the first ideas going through their mind is breast surgery. They overlook the huge risks associ...

01st March 2010

Dead Sea Reincarnates Beauty

Dead Sea is not really dead. While majority of the people believe that human does not benefit from the famous sea in Jordan, major health researchers from all over the world never gave up finding something worthy from the deserted body of water. And they ...

08th January 2010

Ways To Get The Perfect Tan With Sprays

Traditional tanning methods have become less popular these days because of major health risks. Because of this major finding in tanning several companies have provided tanning creams, lotions and spray to get a tanned skin even without the help of tanning...

17th December 2009

Quick weight loss? Is it possible today? Read further down to know the truth.

The current high levels of obesity have made weight control a major health priority throughout North America and the world as a whole. At the same time, statistics show that average weight loss for dieters on conventional diets amounts to a mere 5-8 pound...

27th October 2009

Find that the subject of Diet Fads

The more you understand about any subject, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this article you'll find that the subject of Diet Fads is certainly no exception. Knowledge can give you a real advantage. To make sure you're fully informed about...

19th August 2009

A Big Hair Killer-Stress

Everyone has to live with some about of stress in their life, it is a fact of life and some of it can benefit us while other forms of stress can be detrimental to individuals both mentally and physically. Telogen Effluvium is one of the effects that can r...

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