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23rd November 2011

Just as Epic, historic, and totally inaccurate as the comedy classic!

Monty Python Cow Tossing is a fun, game based on the movie ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’. It is just as Epic, historic, and totally inaccurate as the comedy classic. Arthur and his knights, cha...

14th October 2011

Animals on coats of arms- More than just decoration

By Mark in Family
When looking at a coat of arms or a seal, one thing that many people notice is that there are animals or birds worked into the design. The animals and birds are normally found in one of two locations. The first is on the shield itself. The second is not o...

17th August 2011

Some Tips for Buying Art on Ebay

How to buy a painting that doesn't cost a fortune and isn't commercial. Where do you go? Art Galleries? Most art galleries show mainly commercial style art, and tend to charge a lot for original work. A shop offering art prints? You're only getting a p...

15th June 2011

You Are What You Eat

Since man discovered fire and started planting crops and preparing his own meals, the changes to how we get our food on the table, or better yet, into our stomachs, has altered radically. The reality of it is, due to the need for convenience, what we ...

20th April 2011

Lord Krishna, the Naughty God

Lord Krishna is the son of Devaki, the sister of Kansa and Vasudevar. Before Lord Krishna took birth, Narada predicted that eighth child of Devaki will kill Kansa. Listening to this, he puts both of them in prison and kills each of their seven children. S...

13th January 2011

“use green tips & make earth green”

Each time when you buy something you make an impact, all the products we buy everyday have their own environmental footprint. The impact comes from many sources including energy which used to make the whole product, the material used and also the transpor...

24th November 2010

Collagen Mask: Is It Effective?

You might be one of those people who believe that a collagen mask can make their skin more beautiful. I’m sorry to disappoint you but it is not effective at removing fine lines and wrinkles. This is a common misconception by most people. These masks c...

24th November 2010

Increase Your Collagen Protein

One thing that we have to consider in choosing skin care products to remove or reduce wrinkles is to make sure that they have ingredients that can actually increase the amount of collagen protein in your skin. For instance, you will need skin care product...

24th November 2010

Natural Ingredients That Aids With Collagen Increase

Because we lose the levels of collagen as we advance in years, we should do everything to find a good skin care product that can aid us in our collagen increase treatment plan. The best and easiest way to bring back the natural collagen levels is to simpl...

24th November 2010

The Essential Animals on FarmVille - A FarmVille Game Manual

A couple of FarmVille gamers assemble creatures for their farms, although others steer clear of them. Numerous usually do not surmise that harvesting animals is a great utilization of time and area. They believe that having much more crops exactly where o...

27th October 2010

night cream

If you want to make your skin beautiful and healthy, then what you need is a good and reliable night cream. This skin care product can rejuvenate your skin and bring back its natural glow and healthy state. But we all know that not all skin care products ...

13th August 2010

Easy Way To Lose Weight Fast - Back To The Stone Age

By Xana in Diet
So you cannot lose weight no matter what you do, you're even eating less, but still can't shift it. You go down the gym and start exercising only to be told you're fit and fat. So what do you do and what is the solution? Is there a diet out there that wil...

03rd June 2010

Newsflash - Volcano Causes Cow Flatulence-Part 1

A source tells me that the Icelandic volcano eruption that has been spewing ash and inconvenience all over Europe lately has negated every single effort we have made over the last half a decade to control the dreaded CO2 emissions that are CHOKING OUR PLA...

22nd April 2010

History of Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is a famous cartoon character of a talking mouse. It is owned by The Walt Disney Company and has a very strong franchise for the company, its theme parks and other merchandise opportunities. Mickey Mouse is very unique among cartoon character...

15th February 2010

How to Accomplish Ambit Authentic (F2P) in RuneScape

Runescape adviser to creating a f2p authentic ranger. First get arrows and go alternation on chickens, bethink to aces up the accoutrement and your arrows. do this until akin 10. At akin 10 your traveling to annihilate cows, these you can adumbrat...

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