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07th November 2011

Best Plastic Surgery From Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

If a Beverley Hills plastic surgeon were available about two thousand years ago, Cleopatra would definitely have used his services to improve her stunning looks. Brief History From time immemorial, people have tried to look more beautiful and cosmet...

02nd June 2011

Buy Art Online

In some cultures there are gods of fertility, people name it a miracle from god, but all were fascinated by this seemingly magical function, with all of its sensuality, enthusiasm and emotion. Certainly, this was greatest explained in humankind's heritage...

12th April 2011

How Board Games Affect Our Lives

There are 42,000 board games in the world. Each is designed to promote enjoyment during our leisure time or bonding moments. We just could not resist the competitive nature of these games. It improves our learning skills, decision-making competency and ou...

21st January 2011

Good Quality Wigs

Back in ancient times, wigs were used by Egyptians to protect their bald heads from the rays of the sun. Greeks and Romans also used to wear wigs, and the Japanese used them for theatrical purposes like kabuki theaters and as part of their traditional cos...

10th January 2011

Standout Silver Coins for Serious Collectors

No one can say for sure, but most historians believe that silver was mined several centuries before gold. Archeologists have found silver mines on the Aegean Sea that date back more than five thousand years. It was one of the first precious metals manki...

12th February 2010

Myths and folklore about gemstones

ANCIENT MYTHS Crystals, minerals and metals have played various roles in the myths and legends of human cultures throughout history. They are fascinating examples of the attempts of the men and women of ancient times to explain their world without the ...

23rd September 2009

The Wedding Veil

The veil dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were wary of evil spirits and demons, and bright colors were believed to scare off these unwanted spirits. Occasionally, a Roman bride was completely covered in red veils to protect her from evil ...

12th March 2009

Tips to Find the Perfect Baby Meanings

If Shakespeare had ever said "What is a name!" then you can say that the name is one of important thing for your newborn baby. You can not just give your baby a name without knowing what the meaning is. Baby names change from year to year. Just a few deca...

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