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21st March 2012

5 Popular Hair Tips Exposed

The Internet is saturated with hair care advice. Do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that and the list goes on and on. How is a person to know what is true and what is simply hype or conjecture? Thankfully there are a few very popular hair tips whic...

27th November 2009

2009 Hair Style Trends for Women

Many people stick with one haircut that works great for them for a number of years. Other people tend to change their hairstyle like they change their clothes. If you are the latter person there are some great style trends that you can follow right now. ...

01st July 2009

5 Essential Summer Hair Care Tips

Last Tangle Salon in Washington is one of Washington, DC's top-rated salons since 1983, catering to busy Washington professionals. We know the importance of your time and have a reputation for professionalism and punctuality. We're also a fun and friendly...

28th June 2009

How to Tame Curly Hair

Women, who are forced to spend hours with hot curlers in their hair, or work with curling irons and various hair products trying to attain a head of beautiful curls, often envy those women who are lucky enough to come by stunning curls naturally. However,...

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