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04th July 2012

5 Early Signs of Dementia

According to memory experts, even doctors miss early dementia signs because they’re focused on memory loss to the exclusion of other symptoms. In fact, in 2011 Spanish researchers found that more than a third of adults who go on to develop early-onset Alz...

12th September 2011

The Costs Of Care For The Elderly People

By Kev in Family
We have to hope that our twilight years see us being mobile, lucid and capable of self care until the day we drop dead. The generation of 50-60 year old now has the most to worry about if we need help with daily life in our later years. Before this gene...

11th July 2011

Hire a Caregiver to Support Your Loved One

There are various difficulties that arise with age. It could be physical illnesses or emotional problems. Today due to hectic work schedule, the younger generation find it difficult to dedicate enough time to the elderly people at home. Loneliness can lea...

28th June 2011

Understanding The Reasons That Abnormal Weight Loss May Occur

Whilst most of us are trying to lose some weight, some people out there are experiencing abnormal weight loss, which is worrying for them. There are some serious and not so serious reasons for this. If you do experience a lot of weight loss and you're not...

11th April 2011

Finding the Right Nursing Home

Finding the Right Nursing Home As human longevity continues to increase at an astonishing pace, we tend to are living longer and healthier lives, being work and active even decades beyond our retirement. It could be arduous for us to believe that, in t...

05th April 2011

What to Seek out in Nursing Homes (Suffolk County, NY)

Long Island nursing homes are some of the very best amenities in Suffolk County, NY for seniors and for folks who need some respite on the everyday stress of tending to loved ones. Folks, as they mature, have special emotional and physical needs which...

31st March 2011

Three Great Inspirations For Losing Weight

By Lori in Diet
Eliminating unwanted fat is not just about momentarily switching eating habits. Weight loss will be about making more beneficial selections daily. Although, if motivation to lose weight happens to be lacking then making more beneficial selections every da...

16th March 2011

All About Mentalist in NYC

A mentalist is a person having supernatural powers. He can hypnotize you and control your body motions. A mentalist may also make objects seems to be floating in air. A mentalist may read your palm and mind. He may be a fortune teller. This is a combinat...

14th March 2011

5 Guidelines on Preparing For a Loved One's Funeral

My mother Janice, died following twelve decades of dementia in July of 2009, at the age of 94. In hindsight, I realized many lessons that I would like to pass along to you, so that your encounter with the passing of a loved a single will go away you with ...

11th March 2011

Disability Benefits for Mild Intellectual Disability

Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) or mild mental retardation is a situation where a person will have slower intellectual development. People having MID will be able to attend regular classes in school. However, they may need some extra help to cope up wi...

01st December 2009

Amber Alert GPS

In August 2009 the new version of Amber Alert GPS was launched. The new Amber Alert GPS offers some extra features and a better look - with colors to choose from, but what is the real value of this child tracking GPS? • It's not only for children. ...

14th August 2009

Dementia Care Available In Kansas City

The mind is our sole witness to our every living moment. Until the time we draw our last breath, we require its services. We require its attentiveness, although we take it for granted. The mind comprehends, compares, analyses, applies and reviews. When we...

12th June 2009

Top 5 Things To Look For In A Care Facility For Your Aging Parent

Though we all know the day will come when we need to provide elder care for our elderly relatives, most of us have unanswered questions and are completely unprepared for it. What's the difference between an assisted living facility and a retirement home? ...

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