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08th June 2011

Effective Products for Longer Eyelashes

Are you stressed as a result of you may't grow longer lashes, because they're thin and brittle and seem to fall out as quick as they develop? Everyone knows there are solutions similar to false eyelash extenders, however they're solely a short time period...

04th May 2011

Anti-Aging with Deep Sea Cosmetics

Developing wrinkles and fine lines on the face can be very unsightly for most women. Premature aging is quite common because of the daily stresses of life, as well as the widespread pollution. You can stop this from happening to you by using Dead Sea prod...

21st March 2011

Skincare Products from the Dead Sea

Taking care of the skin naturally is very important. It’s a good thing that you can find lots of alternatives in the market that can help you achieve healthier and smoother skin. The most effective skincare and cosmetics products contain ingredients that ...

21st March 2011

Why Use Deep Sea Cosmetics Products?

Almost everyone knows about the Dead Sea. The latest studies have revealed that the sea is rich in essential minerals and salts that can be very beneficial for the body. It is considered hyper saline and is the deepest lake all over the globe. According t...

21st March 2011

Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Aging is already part of life but because of the modern advancements, people can make use of anti-aging products to delay this natural process. If you’re looking for anti-wrinkle treatments, you should check out the products offered by Deep Sea Cosmetics....

11th February 2011

All around Solutions by Dead Sea Salts

Health researches have already proven the efficacy of the sea salts from the Dead Sea. As the name suggests, the body of water is ‘dead’ because no aquatic life can thrive in it because of its high salinity. In fact, it is considered as one of the salties...

11th February 2011

Black Mud for Healthy Skin

You have to pamper your skin everyday to maintain its youthful glow and appearance. You can find many mud packs and treatments in the market but there is no guarantee that it can work for your skin. If you want a good choice, you can use the Deep Sea Cosm...

10th February 2011

How to Elminate Winter Dry Skin Patches

Patches of dry, flaky and itchy skin are common during the fall and winter months. While they can appear on almost any part of the body there are typically common on the legs, face, and hands. While there are many skin conditions that cause dry patches su...

07th July 2010

India Diet

For several years it has been recognized that south Asians have certain unique clinical and biochemical characteristics that make them susceptible to obesity .These are collectively referred to as the South Asian Phenotype. Asians have a unique body pheno...

09th February 2010

Wrinkles The Collagen that gives structure to your Dermis

If your face and body resemble the San Andreas Fault line with its cracks and fissures, do not despair! Wrinkles can be reversed! If you have dry skin, and you are convinced this fact of your nature puckers your pelt, think again. To elude and eradicate y...

14th January 2010

Diet Tips - To Improve Your Vision?

You must learn to eat right in order to improve your eye sight. These food tips will help you to repair your cell membranes in case they are damaged and retain your eye sight. With age it is common to lose your vision but if you eat right, you can gradual...

18th December 2009

Tone Up Your Body – Eat Fat Burning Diet?

-Antioxidant C -Pectin -Natural regulator -Omega3 You must tone up your muscles, if you have excess body weight. Do not ignore the alarming rate at which you are putting on weight. Take adequate care of your self and win other's attention in a posit...

08th August 2009

Top Diets to Lose Weight Fast Tips!

By Eddy in Diet
Top Diets to Lose Weight Fast Tips! Obesity and over weight problems is a big issue today and have largely increased every year. Almost 95% of them have lost weight and regain weight easily because they lose weight in wrong way. These some Top Diets to L...

27th July 2009

The Benefits of Being a "Juicearian"

By JonJG in Diet
Many people have heard of juice fasts as a means of detoxifying the body. Followers of a raw foods diet also include juices as part of their nutrition. Nearly anything can be juiced - fruits and vegetables, primarily. It's a form of concentrated nutrition...

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