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11th May 2011

How could you benefit from online recipes?

Well, if you like a bit of cookery yourself, whether you are a relative novice or a seasoned cook, they could certainly come in useful. A love of cookery has become endemic in the British psyche. Whereas decades ago, most chefs could be found alone in ...

18th February 2011

Henning showkeir

We recently received an email from a dear friend and colleague with whom we are working closely to foster civil civic conversation in our community. It contained a comment she saw in a forum discussion on the website of The National Coalition for Dialogue...

15th February 2011

The Big Bang Theory – a sitcom with a scientific twist

American sitcoms tend to be based around a set of characters living life in a somewhat “mainstream” domain. The people portrayed in them are usually easily empathised with by the mass population, because they live lives which most of us would view as nor...

28th December 2010

Family Counselling Can Help You Build a Healthy Family

Building a happy, healthy family is not an easy task. Each family has its own groups of personalities and pressures and there is no perfect recipe for success. However it is possible for you to achieve a happy family life if you are all prepared to work a...

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