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09th December 2011

Panasonic TC-P55 User Report

The Panasonic TC-P55ST30 can be a fifty five' inch plasma display that offers LED picture. The design and style is sleeker then prior models with sharper edges and also a far more inconspicuous seem. Overall the Panasonic TC-P55ST30's appear far more cont...

18th November 2011

Waltraud Meier, One Of The Greatest Wagner Sopranos Of All time

An article about Waltraud Meier and her tremendous interpretations of Wagner’s works. I, for the most part have always been a great fan of Wagner and his operas which naturally include his music along with his librettos. Wagner being one of the few com...

11th May 2011

TV Nights and the Home Theatre

One of the best things in life ever created was the TV, second was the home theatre. The combination of the two brings watching TV to a different level, especially when what is shown is a favourite movie on DVD. The sounds, the action, the clarity, all ar...

04th April 2011

Nanny camera- the new age revolution

The nanny cam or more popularly known as nanny camera is an invention that has triggered a revolution much beyond it was ever thought about. This camera has now come to be known as the spy camera as it is generally used as a hidden camera which can be int...

28th January 2010

Importance Of Communication In Life

Effectively communicating to your employees will result in a more efficient operation and will help achieve the bottom-line objectives of any company, business, or basic interaction. As a manager, your communication skill is critical in directing the acti...

02nd October 2009

Aiptek Digital Cameras – Capturing Millions of Smiles

Digital cameras are being modernized with the moving trends. They have added to the ease of photography. There is no doubt that with latest digital cameras, it has not remained a dream for an amateur photographer to take out professional prints. And wh...

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