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16th August 2011

Piano Fool Examine

Actively playing the piano is one with the most revered things talents from the earth; it's classic and it never goes out of model. You'll be able to use your piano-taking part in competencies to your own enjoyment, or you can use it to acquire you to com...

08th October 2010

Double Piano Bench Buying: An Overview of Usage and Functions

Double piano benches are a useful tool for musicians mainly pianists, from young students to the advanced conservatory level player and professional. For the young pianist beginning lessons the double piano bench can serve as a learning device allowing th...

15th April 2010

How to combine single lines and chords in your soloing

Guitar is a great instrument, let's say it. It allows you to play single lines, chords and also to combine in your solos. But, How do you blend chords and single lines? I have spent lots of time listening and studying Joe Pass, Martin Taylor and p...

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