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10th September 2010

California Companies Can Save Big With WOTC California

California corporations are looking for ways to make ends meet in today's tough economy, but there is hope. There are state tax credits that California companies can take advantage of that will allow them to save money. One of the most popular is WOTC C...

10th September 2010

California Companies Save When They Utilize Federal Hiring Credits and Enterprise Zone Credits

California-based corporations are on the lookout for ways to save money, and one of the best ways that is often not taken advantage of is to see if your company qualifies for federal hiring credits. These include the newly implemented Hire Act credit. A...

11th December 2009

Professional Bail Bondsmen

Most people do not know what it truly means to be a bail bondsman. With television ripe with shows of wrongdoing, felonies, arrests, and now even the incredibly popular Dog the Bounty Hunter show, the perception of who a bail bondsman is and what he or sh...

04th November 2009

Internet Relationships Psychology 7 How To Make Love

1-If you have a relationship that has some sour overtones to it, there are only three ways to make it sweeter. In other words, only three possible solutions exist for people problems. 2-That should catch your attention. Because it covers quite a chunk ...

22nd September 2009

Prison reform and recidivism

Our prisons are broken. Does anybody really doubt that? Two-thirds of felons return to jail within three years of release. We lock people up at a faster rate than any other developed country, and yet it doesn't result in lower crime rates than those other...

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