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04th May 2011

Applications of male voice talent

A power point presentation is a powerful business tool. It creates a good impression on the minds of the audience. It is a wonderful sales and marketing tool. Hundreds of presentations are made to prospective clients by various firms and organizations. Ov...

21st March 2011

Virtual Phone Numbers for Global Call Forwarding

Just as your website allows you to create an online presence on the Internet, virtual phone numbers allow you to create a local presence virtually anywhere in the world. With global call forwarding and a virtual number, you can help your customers no matt...

16th February 2011

Directv Lies To Retain Customers

The most popular and now the most criticized satellite TV provider in the United States of America, Directv has been reported to lie in order to retain customers. Yes, business giants like DirecTV is following unfair and unethical business practices to ho...

14th February 2011

Poor Csrs Of Directv Driving Away Consumers

A leading satellite TV provider, Directv is once again making news for its customer services now. Consumers are having tough time dealing with customer service representatives (CSRs) of DirecTV. What led subscribers to connect to CSRs of this provider? We...

14th May 2010

Satellite Tv Dish Network Customer Service vs Direct Satellite Tv Customer Service

I performed a little project today to compare Satellite TV Customer Service for Dish Network and DirecTV customer serice. I called the toll free 800 number listed on the Dish Network Webpage for existing customers. I was briefed on the Dish Network TV Of...

26th March 2010

Inkcups Now-Canada Hires New Office Manager to Oversee Pad Printing Equipment and Supplies

Toronto, Canada - to enhance customer service as well as support its growing operations Inkcups Now-Canada has hired Adele Watson, a new office manager and customer service representative for the office and warehouse in Pickering, Ontario. Inkcups Now-Can...

30th October 2009

Avaya Maintenance: What to Look For When Choosing a Partner

When in need of Ayava maintenance, you should search for a partner who is easy to reach and responsive, has the advanced technical knowledge required to support such a system, and who can tailor its support to your business. Avaya is a leader in the te...

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