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11th April 2011

Tips To Get The Tan Which You Have Always Wanted

Overexposure to the sun while in areas with large ammounts of snow can in addition produce a condition labeled snowblindness. -Squamous Cell: Squamous skin cancer cells are elevated bumps on top of the skin, usually scaley or crusty in texture. Much like ...

21st January 2011

6 Ways To Prevent Neck Wrinkles

There goes a saying that a woman’s age can be detected by looking at her neck. This is because often the neck is neglected from pampering. Women obsessively hunt for best beauty products – facial moisturizer or sunscreen and regimen – peels, Botox or lase...

27th October 2010

How Retinol Improves Your Skin

Retinol is the latest buzz word when it comes to skin care. Many consumers are left wondering if retinol is actually effective as an anti-aging and wrinkle reducing ingredient or if it's just a new brand of marketing hype. The question is: will using re...

14th May 2010

Our Skin Reflects How We Are Feeling

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ on your body? Your skin shows everyone what you have been up to lately, and shows everyone certain actions you have been partaking in, such as: * If you didn't get enough sleep, your skin will have the ...

19th February 2010

Lighten Your Bikini Areas

Wearing a skimpy micro bikini exposes your skin to extreme sunlight which can darken areas of your skin that already have a darker tint to them. The area in between your thighs and the area around the bottom of your buttocks are parts of your body that ma...

19th February 2010

A Simple Guide To Acne Skin Care

Acne is normally a problem faced mostly by younger kids across the country, but it is not that unusual to find this in people aged teens to forty years. Acne can be a problem with whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and lumps. The normal areas they ...

22nd December 2009

Get That Tan Safely

A bronzed complexion is the 'in' thing this season. While a bronzed complexion places you in the modern slot, it may come accompanied with many difficulties. That sun kissed look needn't come together with wrinkles and early aging, blots or deadlier conse...

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