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21st March 2011

Carnival sweets: a good reason to start cooking!

Among the Italian delicacies and sweets to secure a seat be reserved for exceptional sweets in general and especially those that mark the passage of time and holidays. How can we not mention the traditional Italian sweets or cake, pandoro, Cassata Sicil...

05th August 2010

Baking Ideas: Fresh from the Oven

If you want to bake at home, you need the proper equipment. There are a number of factors that determine the state of your baked goods when you pull them from the oven. Here are some kitchen tools that you might need and some you just want to have...

18th June 2010

Are You Baking with the Right Supplies?

For baking you definitely need the proper tools. How you measure and mix can determine if your confections are a success or a culinary catastrophe. Here are some kitchen tools that you might need and some you just want to have. Of you...

11th June 2010

Special Cutlery and Cooking Tools for Waterless Cookware

In spite of the major advantages and benefits of waterless cooking, the special cutlery and cooking tools required for this new but efficient process cost much higher than those required for conventional cooking. The prices of such waterless cookware vary...

14th May 2010

Home and Kitchen Accessories - Smart Alternatives to Plastic Containers

For decades, plastic containers have been such a staple item in many households. Nevertheless, as people become more eco-conscious, they now start to veer away from plastic. Apart from being non-biodegradable, plastic also contains toxins that are recogni...

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