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15th March 2011

An Artist's Approach

Audible are only soft blues and scratches. All in a circle, seventeen artists use their talents with pastels, paints, and pencils to put together a single subject. Atop a small bench in the center sits the subject, a dance instructor in workout clothes, l...

16th February 2011

Serious Artists Study To Get Paid

The room is filled with soft blues and scratching sounds. Seventeen artists in a circle transform their canvasses into a single subject, using pencils, pastels, and paint. The subject is a dance instructor dressed in workout clothes, sitting in the middle...

08th November 2010

The Big Bang Theory - The Desperation Emanation TV Episode Review

Leonard (Johnny Galecki) has been feeling extremely lonely and during a meeting with his pals at the local comic book store he realizes that he is the only one of the four friends without a woman. Leonard becomes sad and a bit frustrated when he comes to...

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