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22nd September 2011

How to make games for mobile platforms

Ever wondered how mobile game development is done? Here is a simplified game development process for amateur game developers and small game design studios. Making video games for mobile platforms will require some hard work and dedication from the entire...

20th December 2010

Game Reviews DJ Max Portable

After the hit games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it seems that game developers are racing against each other to develop a new music-based game. These games instantly hit the top shelves as soon as they were released, and without a doubt, it captured th...

30th June 2010

ABC's of Travelling with Children

People often wonder how families like us with younger children manage to travel. Well, my husband and I have children aged 10, 3, and 9 months old and also own our own successful property and internet business which requires us to travel frequently all ov...

28th June 2009

2012 - Basic Tools You Need To Survive 2012

We are talking here about killing devices to hunt and to protect yourself. When the electricity and all current technologies are gone, people will need to use some primitive techniques to survive. KILLING DEVICES There are several killing devices that...

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