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25th May 2011

Same Mission yet Different Souls

Wanda Mckiver played the same notes that Tyler Perry played successfully playing. The big question was Ms Mckiver copying the famous actor and playwright? Wanda Mckiver started her career in the year 2005 when her first novel The Black Rose Diaries that...

13th May 2011

Hair care Products: A Basic Guide

Your hair is an important part of your appearance. There are countless ways to wear it and dye it. It says a lot about who you are and what kind of personality you have. When taking care of your hair, it's important to use the best hair care products avai...

30th November 2010

The Best Way to Lose Weight: 10 Small Steps To Improve Health

By niall in Diet
We all eventually make resolutions to either lose weight, stop smoking, or just join a gym. At some point we realize we need to be proactive about our health. While people commonly set high goals, experts say that setting smaller goals are just as, if not...

10th November 2010

Products Included In Weight Loss Program

By Lori in Diet
An individual choosing to exchange all unhealthy foods for nourishing foods sticking to a weight loss diet plan typically discover this undertaking tricky to do. Doing small steps every day can add up little by little. Every day whenever nutritionally sou...

14th October 2010

How To Make Smarter Business Decisions: 3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Office Environment

Many businesses have discovered they not only have an important commitment to the world around them but that there’s a lot to be gained financially from implementing green office initiatives.More than ever, companies are paying attention to their enviro...

27th August 2010

Green Living - Taking those first small steps

Green Living - Taking those first small steps Making small changes as and when you can puts you firmly on the road to living a much greener lifestyle. Trying to jump into it all at once can be counterproductive, in fact, because the subject area is im...

12th February 2010

Procrastination and Dieting

You're drowning in a sea of good intentions—telling yourself you have to break this lousy habit, change that rotten relationship, write that life-changing why don't you do it? Putting off tasks that inevitably need to be finished causes g...

09th December 2009

3 Food-Smart Ways to Save Money

How can I save money, how can I spend less, how can I make my money go further? If these are questions floating around in your mind, rest assured you are not alone. Many people are trying to find ways to stretch their budget these days...

09th December 2009

Ways To Lose Fat Fast for the New Year

The New Year's approaching and you need to have something to change, your goal for a new year's resolution. And, for years it has always been to lose weight and for years you have never worked your way of fulfilling your new year's resolution. This is jus...

12th September 2009

Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

We all want to do our part to protect the environment, but without a large paycheck, that can seem to be difficult, if not impossible. It's NOT….. Doing your part doesn't have to be a major effort - or expensive. Small steps add up to a big diffe...

25th August 2009

8 Ways to Survive (and Maybe Even Enjoy) a Family Holiday with a Child with Autism

Work has become tedious. The walls of your home seem to be closing in. You NEED a vacation. But the thought of traveling with your children, especially your child with autism, is less than enticing. Families need vacations: time to escape the regular ...

18th May 2009

Online Video Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Are you looking for online video guitar lessons for beginners? Los Angeles Guitar Academy (LAGA) has a new online platform that will take you from a nervous neophyte, just beginning guitar lessons online, to a self-assured player with the technical abilit...

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