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13th May 2011

The DJ from the 40s to Nowadays

He makes us dance and have fun, creating original music sequences and mixing different songs together. We are speaking about the DJ, and this is his history, in brief. When you go to the disco or attend an electronic music concert, much of your fun is ...

09th March 2011

How Humans Can Preserve Planet Green

The deterioration of the environment is one of the most serious problems now and although many groups and associations have tried to preserve planet green, pollution continues to affect many parts of the world, especially in industrialized countries. The...

09th December 2009 reports Call for Ghana cocoa to be removed from US child labor list

Retention of Ghana produced cocoa on the US Department of Labor's list of goods produced by child or forced labour could hinder efforts to eliminate the practice, claims a senior politician of the major cocoa supplying country. Ghana's cocoa is among ...

20th May 2009

Use Craigslist Responsibly by Using Reverse Phone Lookup

Ever since the Craigslist killer, the world - and the Internet - is abuzz with negative talk about Craigslist. It's understandable that people would panic and politicians would want to be seen to be doing something about the issue. The reasonable solution...

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