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06th May 2011

Commercial Photography

One of the most popular genres of photography is commercial photography. Commercial photography is generally undertaken by professional photographers who have devoted considerable amount of time, efforts and finances in developing the art as per their ...

19th November 2010

Is Weight Loss a Mind Game?

What if being overweight was an infectious disease? There would have been a state of emergency in the US! Isnít that scary considering the vast population of obese people in the country? The major factors contributing to this problem are eating habits and...

14th October 2010

The optimum quality of the fine art giclee prints and variability of the vinyl wall art

Canvas art has found immense growth options in todayís world because people have understood the real meaning of having a canvas print at house. Canvas art demands for highly proficient skills and it is very difficult to find the artist who possesses the r...

01st September 2010

Catch the Art with … www.LaurieFranklin.Net

The nature is filled with myriad colors and hues. Humans have always been fascinated by what they see, observe and feel. Perhaps this is what urged the humans to make an effort to capture all that was interesting to them in form of colors. From the nature...

26th February 2010

Policy Research Program on how the US will deal with the conflict regarding the North Korea Nuclear

introduction In this essay, I will argue that the North Korean Nuclear Program is not just a problem to the United states, but it also a threat to the other countries such as Japan and South Korea. Current approaches by the United States have not been ve...

07th January 2010

Better Communication Equals More Effective Leadership

When I started coaching some time back, I made it my mission to absorb as much information as I could about leadership (specifically in the areas of interpersonal effectiveness and good communication): devouring books on leadership models, leadership coac...

15th April 2009

Hair Straighteners for men

It is nice to see that men have also started taking care of their importance. Earlier some kind of stigma kept them away to take care of their looks. They thought that all these beauty products are only meant for men and taking care of skin, face and hair...

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