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03rd May 2011

Graduation Party Basics - Date, Time, Location Then Invitations

Every year more than three million young people graduate from high school in the United States. It is no wonder that most of us spend every weekend from the end of May to the middle of June attending graduation parties and open houses for the graduating t...

14th February 2011

A Tucson Tragedy

Normally, additions to my blog are designed to promote information sharing on topics related to wine and to promote products my company makes available to our customers. The dialog presented contains facts, issues, product reviews, and, occasionally, a h...

25th May 2010

The 80s Cartoons That We Remember Today

The best part of the weekend growing up was rushing to the television and seeing what the cartoons were and where they would take me. 80s cartoons were innocent and all had a great message to live by. Good always triumphed over evil and I knew I would not...

23rd April 2010

Canadian government donates school supplies

More than 320 rucksacks filled with all the necessary articles to begin the school year were delivered by the Honorary Councillor of Canada to the E-492 Libertad school in Hualpén. The rucksacks were donated by the Canadian government and were filled ...

21st October 2009

Tips on how to select the best costume for Halloween.

Halloween is a working holiday for several parents. Halloween include buying costume, plenty of munchies for the school children and leaving to home with a large quantity of toffee with at least one parents ahead of starting the joke or treaters. Numerous...

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