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29th December 2010

Why Use Natural Shampoos

Shampoos meant for use on human skin need to be carefully considered before they are chosen. This is because any errors arising from use of such products can create irreversible skin problems. This is why natural shampoos are preferred to the traditional ...

17th November 2010

Treating Hair Loss in Women

For many women, hair loss can be a shameful secret they try to hide from the world. Hair loss or balding is usually a condition associated with men, however women all over the world suffer the same problem. Women tend to attach their vanity and sense of...

11th May 2010

Batia and Aleeza's Expert Styling Tips for Maintaining Natural, Frizz-free Wavy and Curly Hair

Most women think that perfect, natural-looking, frizz-free curls take hours to maintain. Expert curly hair stylists Batia and Aleeza however, claim that this is a myth and have generously offered to share a few of their tips for maintaining beautiful, glo...

19th November 2009

African American Hair Growth

Are you an African American? Have you found that many of the hair growth products out there in the market don't seem to work for you? This is because, many of the hair loss product out there focus their products for caucasian males. yes, so if you're a...

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