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20th September 2012

Flats On Rent In Ahmedabad Available easily

The property market is becoming more costly by the moving instant and flats for rent are not available easily these days. The popular and costly capitals of the world are toughest impacted. There is, however, one comfort by means of online internet direct...

23rd November 2011


In 2006, the UPA Government announced that a comprehensive GST would be launched on 1st April, 2010 and it was believed that the introduction of GST is a difficult task, as our current structure of indirect taxes is driven by the multiplicity of taxes. So...

19th September 2011

Stated News- stay connected with others strongly

What can be consequential about state news? Sometime it can lead to a home unrest or civil war. Some times it may betray loopholes in national integrity to the whole world. Sometimes it is only treated as a state affair of no relevance at all and disregar...

06th July 2011

Gujarat Handicrafts The Glory of Traditonal Gujarat

Gujarat is a state of glorious cultural heritage that is most popular for its colorful festivals, embellishing colorful traditional outfits, unity of joint families and many more. The art work of gujarat is carried forward by their craftsmen due to their ...

19th May 2011

UP v/s Kerala News or Inferiority or Superiority Complex?

We are a nation of second largest population in the world. We are the largest democracy in the world. We have longest coastal line in the world. We have this. We have that. We have nothing except the truth that we all have reduced to comparisons to prove ...

16th February 2011

Food Tells A Lot About The Culture Of A Country

Food is one of the things that define the culture of a country. You may tell a lot about a country by what they eat and how they do it. Because you in the times of globalization when almost every person looks similar with their satire and outer appearance...

12th July 2010

NDA is working for rich people while the UPA is concerned about poor people, this is the difference

28 April 2009 Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi while addressing his second rally in Gujarat at Limdi (Dahod) criticized the BJP government in the state and said that it had failed to protect the interests of poor people. He said, "We have sent cr...

07th July 2010

Water Conservation Technologies

Rainwater Harvesting and Drip Irrigation Technologies are the solution to the water problem. By 2013, 32 nations will be facing acute water shortage. Water conservation is extremely important and the above mentioned are water conservation technologies....

07th July 2010

The youth will empower themselves in the Youth Congress. I am catalyst says Rahul Gandhi

25 November 2009 In an interactive session with media at Jaipur said that he is in Rajasthan with one focus to strengthen Youth Congress and NSUI. Elaborating on his role he called himself a 'catalyst' and at the age of 39 found himself old enough to be ...

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