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11th July 2012

International Call Is Now Easier Than Before

A great many number of people are now migrating to foreign countries like UK, USA, Japan, UAE and a few others in search of better job and education opportunities. For ensuring a better standard of living and enjoying a flourishing career, people prefer t...

05th April 2011

How to Find a Good Photographer for Your Event in Dubai

Companies need a good professional photographer to cover their events, whether it is for a launch party, a press conference or any other social gathering. Finding a good photographer in UAE is not easy but here are some tips to help you. A good photograph...

25th January 2010

Tired Of The STUFFY Big Cities in UAE?

Then this movie is definitely for you. 'Did You Hear About The Morgan's?' can take you away from UAE's heavy traffic, unnecessary honking, boring daily routines and let you experience the joys of slow primitive living. ‘Did You Hear About The Morgan's?'...

25th January 2010

The Stresses Of Modern Day Living Could Lead To Divorce

Did You Hear About The Morgan's? It seems that they in the movie could help young married couples realize that it is the stress that they hate and not their spouses. Meryl and Paul Morgan tied in wed-lock have amazing careers and spoons full of succes...

10th December 2009

Why the Padlocks on the Cabinets David?

We always knew that blended families could be a bit awkward, but not to the extent it is in this 2009 flick - The Stepfather. Kids take a lot of time to get used to the new person in the family. But in the case of this thriller, the mother Susan and he...

09th December 2009

A Reflection of Reality

‘The Stepfather' is a new movie to be released in UAE which is a mirror reflection of reality. The reason why this film will connect with the audience in the Middle East is because each and every character in the movie storyline mimics the roles played ...

21st October 2009

United Arab Emirates to Ban Plastic Bags

Following a sweeping international trend the UAE has announced that plastic bags will be banned by 2012 as has been reported by Gulf News on 4th July. Beginning this year there will be a 3 or 4 stage process leading up to the complete banning of plasti...

06th May 2009

Middle East gets Wolverine Screening while Mexico Awaits its Chance

Swine Flu is the topic on everyone's lips these days and in Mexico, the outbreak of the disease is especially tragic. Having claimed 149 lives already in the country, attempts to control the outbreak are currently in operation. X-Men Origins: Wolverine...

05th May 2009

Booked Tickets for the Middle East “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” Screening yet?

Theatres in the Middle East are abuzz with bookings for the latest installment in the X-Men series, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the fourth film in the popular X-Men movie franchise. The film is to premier on April 30, 2009 in theatres in Jordan, UAE, Le...

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