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19th January 2012

Ways to Save Money No Matter What You Make

It does not matter how much you earn, everyone needs to save some money. Whether it is for that special end of year family vacation, a home, or for securing a good future, saving is one of the best practices and habits you can have. Some people might ...

23rd November 2011

SMS Marketing Can Lead To A More Impressive Client Base As Well As Superior Revenue

Marketing through cell phones is now an efficient strategy and utilizing SMS marketing best practices can give numerous benefits to any business. The engineering involved with this particular marketing approach is such that contacting customers as well as...

15th June 2011

Learn How to Successfully Eliminate Dry Skin Through the Use of the Following Treatments

Many individuals need to take care of dry skin on a year round basis. This skin condition can vary from being simply bothersome to a serious disorder that can result in the disconfiguration of the skin. Normally this skin condition will produce symptoms r...

20th April 2011

Mane And Tail Shampoo Is Great For Human Hair If Used Correctly

Mane And Tail Shampoo is these days a viable beauty product for humans the world over - even though it started life as a shampoo devised to make horses' manes and tails shine with health. Mane And Tail actually isn't the only brand that has adapted their ...

17th November 2010

What Are The Best Practices of Conference Call?

A conference call needs to be planned and managed just like every other meeting. In general, the international conference calls host is the one, who has to be sure that the teleconference goes according to plans. This doesn't mean that participants do not...

04th August 2010

Innovative livelihood techniques being used at Rajiv Gandhi Mahila Vikas Pariyojna(RGMVP)

RGMVP's Livelihood Enhancement initiative is built on the Micro Credit Planning (MCP) process through which each rural household can plan its finances through a participatory method based on the following principles: 1. Income must increase 2. Expenditu...

11th January 2010

More than just mobiles for business

More than just mobiles for business When sourcing service providers for your business mobile phone requirements, it is highly desirable to be able to review all of the service providers, technologies and tariffs simultaneously. Frequently this can be ve...

15th December 2009

Converse in Hindi with Our Hindi SMS Service

Share your feelings in your own language with our Hindi SMS service. You can avail this service from any part of the world with our Send Free SMS to India service. Some of us are avid text messagers, not because we enjoy paying our carrier those tiring...

03rd November 2009

Businesses write-off 6% of revenue to waste

Each year, businesses write-off six percent of revenue to waste, fraud and abuse. But why would managers throw all that hard-earned money away when there is a reliable way to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse using accounting policies & procedures to creat...

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