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11th November 2011

Marketing Your Hair Salon Online

Generating new business can be hard in any industry and businesses have to do their upmost to stay ahead of the competition. There are a number of marketing techniques that be used to help promote a hair salon including both online and offline marketing m...

12th August 2011

Turn your photos into life size posters with poster printing from Pixum

From as early on as young children, the poster has been a popular addition to bedroom walls and even in frames across other parts of the house or office. Posters are without a doubt a striking and stimulating way to remember certain events such as a film ...

09th March 2011

Canvas Prints More Ideas

Canvas printing is known as the method utilized to transform your selected pictures, photos or images in to valued prints through transferring them directly on to high quality 100% cotton canvas. Printing your images on canvas is the perfect way to create...

18th August 2010

How to Create Posters from your Family Pictures

Poster printing is not just for those big movie promotions and big business advertising. You can actually do a little poster printing on your own for personal reasons. In this simple lesson in poster printing, I am going to teach you how to create custom ...

18th December 2009

Benefits Of Designing Effective Posters

Printing posters is one of the widely used advertising options for big companies and small scale concerns; they are an effective marketing and advertising tools. Posters deliver business messages to the targeted and prospective business clients. Consider ...

26th November 2009

Make Your Independent Film a Hit through Poster Prints

Promoting your independent film is a basic marketing strategy to make your movie a blockbuster. There are various styles of film promotion and one which is very affordable is through poster prints. It can be in form of freebies, posters on stands ups and ...

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