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06th April 2011

Cosmetic Packaging: Important Facets to Be Considered

Every product that is launched in the market today entices consumers by making tall promises. There are various brands in cosmetic stores that are vying for the attention of potential customers. Many products in the market may not succeed in grabbing the ...

15th March 2011

Adding New Ringtones to your New Cellphone

Add Ringtones to your New Cell Phone The initial step to add ringtones to your phone is finding one or more that you really like. Ringtones that cause a positive emotional response are the most popular. But this may mean checking out one of the dozens of...

11th November 2010

Emotion in Modern Art: Cause or Effect?

One might justifiably wonder about emotion and its relationship to modern art. It's a natural thing to consider, given that experiencing art often provokes an emotional response in the viewer. In fact, many people have felt, and feel, that the real purpos...

01st June 2010

Main Forms Used in Film Expressions

To understand the differences between Chinese and western films is a good way to know more about our film, to find a proper way for its development. In the last article I’ve talked several most used expression ways adopted in films, ...

05th January 2010

Impasto Painting Techniques For Adding Depth And Emotion

The impasto painting technique involves varying the thickness and texture of paint on the canvas. This results in paintings that offer an exciting emotional response that is quite different from artwork with a more uniform application of paint. If well do...

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