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20th October 2011

Tone Up Your Wardrobes Naughty Style With These Shoes!

Enjoyable, attractive, inexpensive and at ease, Naughty Monkey shoes is here to revolutionize your racy glimpse and your shoe closet. Naughty Monkey normally requires fashion traits and outstandingly combines them into a person shoe: a special blend of re...

17th August 2011

What Makes Handcrafted Jewelry Unique Vs. Factory Made Jewelry?

When you are in the market for jewelry, you might not realize there are two main types to choose from handmade jewelry and factory made jewelry. So what makes handmade jewelry unique? Its the personal nature of the pieces, in short. When you choose to ...

16th August 2011

Two Best Blackberry Mobile Phones in India

Blackberry mobile phones allow you to stay in touch with everything that matters to you while you're on the go such as email, maps, applications, games, the Internet and more. Blackberry mobile phones have gathered immensely popularity due to its bold des...

08th July 2010

Get Freaky with Colored Contacts

Contact lenses were invented to cure specific type of eye disorders. It was never intended that contact lenses will be used as an alternative to glasses. Now contact lenses have evolved in a long stride and had been part of the lives of millions of people...

21st June 2010

Get the most from your pictures with an acrylic picture frame

If you have photos or pictures that you want to take pride of place on your wall, an acrylic picture frame makes a stunning choice. These sleek and modern frames are made from two sheets of acrylic which are held together with gleaming chrome fixings. The...

31st July 2009

Spanish Style Clip Earrings

The last weeks of summer are a time for savoring lazy days in the sun and squeezing in those last vacation get-a-ways. But if you can't make it south of the border to Mexico, you can still wear jewelry inspired by the Latin flavors and sights and sounds o...

27th March 2009

Which Type of Men's Designer T-shirt is fit for Your Personality

If you are an aficionado of designer clothing for men, you know that all shirts are created equal. The shirt you wear speaks volumes about all aspects of your personality. Of course, you can randomly select a t-shirt to your store or chain store, but what...

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