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17th June 2011

The original recipe for tiramisu, the perfect italian dessert

There are some dishes that practically everyone likes, and that guarantee success at any dinner party. These are the dishes that I call the perfect menu just made of pizza and tiramisu. In my life I have not found anyone who does not appreciate this menu...

14th February 2011

Breadmaking With A Bread Machine

Baking your own bread is easier than you might think. Who can resist the smell of freshly baked bread? I know I can't. As soon as you pick up on the smell you want to eat some straight away. My mother used to make her own and we looked forward to tucking ...

13th July 2010

How to Make Pizzeria Style Pizza

Using specific tools and equipment, superior recipes, and new ingredients being made available to consumers, true pizzeria style pizza is easier than ever to make at home. The task of creating pizzeria-style dough and homemade sauce is well worth the effo...

08th February 2010

Panasonic YD Sd250 Breadmaker- review

"The Pansasonic SD YD250 Bread Machine is a outstanding breadmaker to begin on baking your homemade bread. It's effortless to make a great loaf of bread with the Panasonic Bread Maker.This bread maker is remarkable and enables you to bake a variety of bre...

07th January 2010

Learn More About The Spectacular Zojirushi 2lb Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker From This Review

"The Zojirushi (which is 'elephant brand' in Japanese) definitely fits it's name. It feels as big as an elephant itself, with its 27 pounds of bread baking bulk. You should take measurements before you set out to set it up. At 17 inchese x 12 inches, it'...

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