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06th May 2011

Look and Feel Years Younger

Great Anti-Aging Tips Anti aging does not necessarily mean resorting to expensive cosmetic surgery facial or beauty treatment expensive. Here are my all time best anti aging tips if you really want to look years younger than your real age. 1. Drin...

09th February 2011

Diet With A Difference That Works

Millions of dollars are spent annually as people attempt to eat their way to health, using hundreds of widely varying diets and supposedly new health trends. However, there are some simple nutrition errors, that can be corrected for free, which would fix ...

13th August 2010

Does Fast Fat Reduction Really Work ?

By Xana in Diet
Are you fat and want to do something about it? There has been a lot of misinformation written about fast fat reduction and other such diets to guarantee you weight loss, most of which are scams or written by people who just don't have a clue, so I feel co...

13th August 2010

Fat Loss Diets - Fast Fat Reduction

By Xana in Diet
There are lots of burn fat review diets out there but unfortunately some with a lot of miss information out there that miss the central point of any fast fat reduction diet in that sugar is your number one enemy. Yep that's right and you already knew t...

30th April 2010

Why is Exfoliating Important when Self Tanning

Sunless tanning has recently become the trend because not only is it safe, but it is also a lot cheaper and easier to apply—not to mention more convenient as it can be applied anywhere. But one of the things that you need to do several days before you a...

19th January 2010

Time And Tattoos

Throughout the course of time, tattoos have been used to personify and represent someone's affiliations, personal preferences, and their creative outlook on life. Tattoos are gaining in popularity these days as well with both men and women. Research has...

07th January 2010

Causes of Dry Hair

Dry hair lacks the oil and moisture it needs to give it sheen and a soft texture. As a result, hair that's dry will be brittle and dull and have a straw-like texture. Most of us will get dry hair at one point or another--either due to over-processing or e...

18th September 2009

Do take care of your swimsuit

While buying a swimsuit nylon swimsuit is considered best. Nylon suit can make you feel comfortable. Unfortunately, not many are manufactured anymore, since the advent of the nylon/lycra spandex blends. Nylon will give you the proper fit but has limited s...

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