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19th August 2011

Wedding Photography Edinburgh

Are you in need of wedding photography Edinburgh? If you are planning on getting married in Edinburgh (and why wouldn't you - it's a gorgeous city!), you are bound to expect a day that you will look back on with fondness for the rest of your life. One ...

31st May 2011

Bachelor Parties Washington DC

Once a couple of dates have been agreed upon, you should talk about the dates with the rest of the wedding party to discover the date that greatest fits into everyone's schedule.And last, but not least, discuss who should be invited to the bachelor party ...

31st May 2011

Bachelor Party DC

It is the Best Mans responsibility to see the party is one that the groom will enjoy and will remember for a long time but also one that the bride-to-be is happy with. One thing that many Best Men forget is that the bachelor party is for the groom, not th...

09th September 2010

Bachelor Party: - A Celebration of a Single before geting Valentines

When you are organizing a bachelor party, perhaps the most important thing you have to keep in mind is the groom himself. Think of his personal preferences, as you want to make sure that everything will fall into places. The groom may not want any kind of...

17th August 2010

Male Grooming Tips

Metrosexual man is the new evolution of man, confident, stylish, and masculine, so here are the top 10 male grooming tips from metro-sexual so you to can experience the benefits that good male grooming can bring. The bridegroom is the male person that'...

12th March 2010

Bold Bachelor Party and Fun in Ultimate Bachelor Party Destinations

The bachelor party is just based on the principal of a famous saying "work hard and party harder" so as to make it possible fun and craziness is must. There are many types of parties but the one which took away the hearts is the bachelor's party and its w...

21st September 2009

Choosing your Wedding Flowers

Choosing your Wedding Flowers No wedding is complete without a selection of wedding flowers! However, bear in mind that the price of wedding flowers can escalate and most of these flowers will simply be thrown out, at the end of the day. Choosi...

15th September 2009

Planning a Successful Wedding

By goru in Family
If you decided to have a traditional church wedding then your order of wedding service will normally run something like this. Firstly you will usually meet with your local church minister and discuss the different options for your order of ...

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