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03rd May 2011

Web Video Production Services - Proper Execution

Companies offering web video production services take a company director's idea and turn it into a high quality professional video which can be shown on the business web website. The videos are not only capable of being used on business web sites, however...

05th February 2011

Advertising in Canada: TV Versus Social Media

When it comes to video advertising, is the traditional medium of television dead? This is a hard question to answer, especially because millions of dollars each year are still spent on TV advertising. But has the World Wide Web, through web 2.0, surpassed...

05th February 2011

Video Marketing Distrubution: Making Yourself Known

According to Canadian social media statistics, word of mouth in present time spreads news faster than mass media. And mass media did not slack; word of mouth is just in hyper speed because of social networking and video sharing sites. In the Age of Inform...

04th January 2011

Television Advertising For Better Visibility

Among all conventional advertising options Television advertising has emerged as the most powerful form. The major difference being it as a blend of audio and video advertising messages with infinite varieties in to contrast to other advertising platforms...

28th September 2010

Why professional Internet video production is essential

It seems anyone can be a moviemaker these days. The popularity of video sharing websites such as YouTube, and the advancement of digital video technology, have made it much easier and quicker for us to shoot, produce and upload our videos online. The u...

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