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25th June 2012

Dish Network Utah

Deciding which cable or satellite firm to contract with can be a lengthy method of weighing pros and cons. There are many providers which can supply service with competitive pricing and incentives for deciding on their provider. Some such providers includ...

23rd February 2011

Unplug Your Cable Service

Satellite Direct Brings Thousands of TV Channels Straight to Your PC What if there was a way for you to watch thousands of television channels, any time you want… and never pay another cable bill again? With Satellite Direct, there is. Satel...

07th July 2010

An awsome alternative to cable or satalite TV!!!

Finally something that is to the benefit of us consumers! For a one time price you can view tv anwhere in the world you can get an internet connection! As good as that sounds, it gets even better! Following a few simple steps you can still watch great p...

21st May 2010

Watch Lost TV Shows Online Being Outside The US or other countries

If you are not in the US and cannot access its cable or satellite TV, the obvious choice for you to catch up on LOST would be to watch LOST TV shows online. You are probably thinking that there is nothing easier than finding all the episodes you want on t...

15th March 2010

Here's How To Watch Live TV On Your Computer - It's Easy!

We have gotten a number of emails from people asking how they can watch television online. Many people are watching their favorite shows on the internet so we decided to dig around and found out more about this alternative. Watching TV on the net isn'...

20th November 2009

Is TV to PC programming really available in your area?

Cable and satellite TV have always been our standard options when it comes to TV programming. How many times have you wished you could expand your television watching horizons, because you know that even when you have 300 channels to choose from it can s...

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