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04th May 2011

Reverse Phone Lookup Program - The Electronic Reality

Obtaining the reality as of late about nearly anything is almost next to impossible. We live in the entire world the place lying is actually a virtue, and people derive fantastic satisfaction in lying in every doable direction. Every person tries to proje...

22nd October 2009

Missing Persons - My Navy Buddy is Dead!

Don't worry this has a happy ending. I know the title is alarming, many of us who have served our country know the pain of losing someone and it's never easy. But here is a story that does have a happy ending. A friend of mine, Peter, who served in th...

21st August 2009

How to find family tree website?

A family tree website is a wonderful way for you to form your own family tree. The problem is that most of us do not know how to find the genealogy website. Also the question is more about how to find the right family tree website. Here are some tips that...

04th August 2009

Reverse Lookup: The Easiest Way to Find People

Reverse lookup is a service that provides detailed information about individuals requiring very little input from the searcher. It is now possible to find all you need to know about someone so long as you know either an email address, phone number social ...

17th June 2009

Keeping Public Records Open Takes Work

John Paff is something of a celebrity in South New Jersey. Some love him, others hate him, but he certainly inspires strong feelings in both proponents and opponents of open public records. One would be hard-pressed to label the 52-year-old married fa...

29th May 2009

Open Public Records ... Not So Open?

There is a nonprofit organization in the state of New Jersey named the Foundation for Open Government, or NJFOG. It has just initiated a lawsuit against the Government Records Council (GRC), a state agency responsible for satisfying citizens' requests for...

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