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09th December 2010

The Makings of A Great Telemarketer

The goal of any telemarketer would be to increase the amount of sales that they can achieve in a single day. Direct selling is defined as the marketing and selling of goods directly to consumers where business transactions are made away from a fixed r...

17th November 2010

While Using Web To Chat And Meet Up With New Friends

The web introduced a completely new connectivity getting started with people from all backgrounds and all sorts of locations on the planet with a click of the mouse. And in addition it provided a fantastic chance to flirt online! Going on the web to chat ...

23rd August 2010

Android Application Development- Hire Android App Developer to Makes Foot Print in Mobile Market

Finally Google has created its development path and has started to exhibit its presence with the Android application development. Android has started competing with iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian. Its numbers are increasing day by day. Recently T-mobile h...

10th December 2009

8 Things a Kid Can Get From Starting a Business

The US economy not only thrives on small businesses, it survives because of them. Entrepreneurism not only feeds the economy and strengthens communities, it fuels innovations and provides financial stability. The skill sets learned in running a busine...

09th December 2009

5 Sales Techniques To Reduce Your Cold Calling Anxiety

Does picking up that telephone and talking someone scare you? Why's it that we are so afraid of making a "cold call"? Is it really true that the telephone has the power over us, when really it is only simply a tool to connect with others? Why do a lo...

09th December 2009

Get Rid Of Your Cold Calling Anxiety Through These 5 Sales Techniques

Does getting that telephone and calling somebody annoy you? Why is it that we're very scared of making a "cold call"? Is it really true that the telephone has power to control us, when honestly it is only simply a tool to connect with others? Why do ...

16th November 2009

Being Excellent, Not Perfect

"Mastery is awareness, not control" - Peter Senge * Are you acutely aware of your limitations and those of others? * Do you often experience disappointment in yourself or others? * Do you push yourself to achieve an ideal, no matter what?...

06th July 2009

How to Find That Elusive Cure for Psoriasis

Psoriasis commonly manifests itself in the form of red scaly patches on the skin. It is a chronic, non contagious auto immune disease. It is believed that this is a genetic disorder. Though there are certain factors which can aggravate the condition and t...

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