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06th May 2011


When the skin receives an injury, it recovers by healing the damaged tissue which later forms a scar. Thus scar is essential for healing. A scar can be thick or light depending on the damage. There are many types of scars, most of them harmless, but there...

22nd March 2011

Revitol Scar Cream Ingredients

The Revitol scar cream ingredients play a major role in determining this cream's overall effectiveness and value. Despite being a relatively recent introduction, this scar removal cream has been slowly but steadily growing in popularity. Revitol sca...

04th March 2011

How Acne Scars Are Eliminated with a Gentle and Natural Skin Care Cream!

Acne is a skin ailment that is difficult to endure. In addition to the cosmetic disconfiguration, there is the worry a lasting scar could follow after it heals. The conditions that lead to acne consist of too much sebum from the sebaceous gland filling a ...

21st February 2011

Organic and Effective Treatment for Pitted Acne Scars!

There are two main characteristics of what an acne scar will be: pitted or depressed and pigmented. How pitted acne scars are formed is through the diminution of skin tissue derived from harm to the skin's top layers. Depressed scars have an "ice-pick"...

13th December 2010

Abnormal Scars and How to Eliminate Them

Two types of scars that are the consequence of the body over-synthesizing collagen, which will cause the scar to be raised above the bordering skin. Hypertrophic scars have the shape of a reddish elevated lump on the dermis, but will not get bigger beyond...

17th November 2010

Keloid Scar Removal Is Possible

Keloid scars are some of the most unsightly types of scars you can become victim to. These raised scars are large and irregular shaped, often growing well beyond the original bounds of the wound and rarely ever subsiding on their own. They are reddish pur...

04th December 2009

Three Most Under-Used Laser Procedures – Warts, Skin Stains and Scars

Laser procedures are gaining popularity with unprecedented momentum. Laser hair removal is among the fastest growing male cosmetic procedures, and is quickly eating into over $130 million that Australians spend on home depilation products every year. Howe...

25th November 2009

What Collagen Injections Can Do Against Wrinkles

These injectables are mainly used to improve the appearance of skin texture, filling our wrinkles, creases and furrows which are common byproducts of the aging process. These can also work on increasing fullness in "sunken" cheeks, on the lips, on skin de...

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