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09th February 2012

Taking Photographs of Infants and Toddlers

Infant Photography: Every new-born baby, for the first six months is considered as an infant. Parents generally try to click a few snaps once in a while, but for loving memories to last forever, they may hire professional photographer who understands t...

11th April 2011

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1 Review

Sony's 10-megapixel, 5X-optical-zoom (24mm to 120mm) Cyber-shot DSC-WX1 is among the initial pocket cameras to offer Sony's redesigned, very low-gentle-optimized Exmor R sensor. Those minimal-light chops will be the marquee function of this extremely comp...

22nd March 2011

Flash Card Software: An Advanced Tool for Learning

Flash card software is a new dimension in web-based learning. Whether you are preparing for SAT, TOEFL or are studying for University Grade Exams, the best method is learning through the online flash cards. There are many websites that offer flash card P...

14th September 2010

How do I Take Better Photos?

A better photograph is one which has high resolution and more clarity. The photograph should have good colour composition and should contain high pixel numbers. The main steps which are needed to be followed for a better photograph are: 1. Re...

02nd June 2010

Basic tips to enhance indoor photography

Indoor photography is the challenging subjects for professional and amateur photographers. Due to lack of natural light, lack of the windows and artificial lights create unattractive and at times undistinguishable images. There are certain ways to wor...

26th March 2010

Digital Photography - Fisheye Lenses

Among all the lenses that are available the fisheye lens is low on most people's list of priorities. The uses of this lens are limited and it is rather expensive. Nevertheless, it can be highly effective in the right situation. It is sensible to hire a...

18th March 2010

Building Exteriors & Building Interiors

Buildings Exteriors Sometimes it seems enough to simply stand in front of a great building, point the camera and press the shutter, especially if the building is so famous that there does not seem to be anything to add. In many cases this may be true, ...

18th March 2010

Random Basics Which You Should Know When the Light is Low

Low light, whether due to the time of day or prevailing weather conditions, does not mean that good photographs cannot be taken. It is sometimes even possible to obtain more dramatic shots in low light than in brilliant sunshine. If the weather is misty o...

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