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24th August 2011

Communication: an important vehicle every company if done properly

Speaking of communication may seem like an easy thing but this is an evolving field that requires very precise and professional skills constantly fed to be efficient but also effective. For this reason, especially when it comes to the field of corporate c...

29th May 2011

The use of sms short codes in brand building and recognition purpose in any mass text messaging exer

The right selection of business niche and proper customer targeting is the key to success in today’s working environment. How businesses can opt for a particular advertisement medium that is capable of targeting different business niches? Most of the adve...

10th May 2011

Consider short codes for your brand building campaign

Short codes are especially allocated, shorten codes for a particular mobile or land line number. As suggested by name short codes are normally short and unique numbers or letters representing some other regular ten digit mobile or land line number. Trend ...

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