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08th April 2010

Help Provide Environmental Services to Protect Earth

It was the end of the school year in Japan and flowers are seen blooming in the park. A girl sat in the bench watching the beautiful flowers as they float in the air and smell the aroma of the summer breeze. The girl was Kimberly, daughter of an American...

19th February 2010

Koi Fish Tattoo

Paul here. This is a guest article by my friend tattoo expert Cindy Mitchell: One of the most common types of Japanese tattoos are Koi fish tattoos. Koi fish are highly prized in Japan and are breed to be a vibrant beautiful fish that their owner can b...

08th December 2009

Vacations and Teeth Whitening

Through the grind of life and the pressures of family, there is not much better than flying or driving off into the sunset for that next vacation. We as fallible individuals who succumb to stress and sometimes poor diets, tend to gravitate to the no...

30th June 2009

13 Unique 4th July Party Ideas

Independence Day falls on the 4th July and is a time to celebrate our independence from the dastardly British. Why not celebrate this year with a party to impress your friends, family and neighbours? Have a look at my 4th July party ideas: 1. Your part...

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