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22nd June 2011

The Best Divorce Lawyers in Greensboro NC

Home loan Payoff (even though some might debate this, most advisors use this) Adjustment Time period (usually one particular ages wage) Schooling Fund ((Personal College expenditures till graduation when relevant and/or total college costs) X # of You...

23rd May 2011

Tax Resolution With The IRS

The weakened financial system has left many folks on the streets with no substitute. Even though paying tax is critical, you may not be positive how to balance your fiscal sheet between your day-to-day dwelling expense, home loan, credits, loans, and you ...

14th April 2011

Comprehension Divorce Methods

Whilst the procedure of finding a divorce is somewhat straightforward these days, several folks are unaware of the troubles that can make the divorce process unpleasant, hurtful, and costly. Even if you think that your soon-to-be ex will be nice about the...

22nd December 2009

How To Avoid Bankruptcy After Divorce

One of the harshest realities in life is divorce. It is sad that in the US alone, one out of three marriages end in divorce. Aside from the emotional pain that comes with divorce, financial issues are also a challenge. If you're in this situation, how can...

07th December 2009


The interest component of home loan repayment can be deducted from income while computing your tax liability, says Ashish Gupta Under the Income Tax Act, interest on a home loan is tax deductible provided the specified conditions are complied with. The...

16th November 2009

Obama Loan Modification - Keeps Americans In Their Homes

Obama mortgage modification program is the most significant initiative of the government. It was designed with the aim, to help Americans save their homes. MHA (Mortgage Home Affordable) provides the opportunity to the home owners to get their loan modifi...

29th September 2009

Obama's Home Loan Modification Plan - A smart and Intelligent Solution?

The ongoing recession has had drastic effects on homeowners in America. The anxiety of debt is causing people to foreclose their housing loans at a tremendous rate. Foreclosing a house loan immediately reduces the value of surrounding homes by nearly 9 pe...

29th September 2009

Take the Right Loan Modification Specialist Is most Important to Your Loan Process

Finding a trusted financial advisor is very important both for your own state of mind and for your mortgage and the best way to do this is to consult with those who have worked with one in the past. If you don't know anyone who has employed a financial ad...

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