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05th October 2011

Divorce in South Africa - Your Ideal Selections

Customary marriages are dissolved in accordance to civil law but also according to customized and custom.Addressing the DifficultiesPrevious to petitioning for divorce, search carefully at your possibilities:*Can you reconcile?*Do you will need a attorney...

01st March 2011

Free Public Death Records Available on the Web

Have you already made an assumption that a person is already gone without having enough data? Unfortunately, some people would affirm to this inquiry. Considering the death of someone may create immeasurable heartache on the families and the concerned per...

25th February 2010

Ways to find out if someone is married

If anyone wants to know about the marital status of any person then it must know about the best way to find out if someone is married. According to my experience the best way to find out if someone is married is to use different online marriage records pr...

07th January 2010

It is After All Simple to Get a Simple Divorce

If a divorce is uncontested it is called a simple divorce. A divorce is contested when the couple cannot agree on issues like dividing the property, support and maintenance of children etc. In the same way, you put in the divorce papers and the other pa...

08th December 2009

8 Simple Tips to Control the Cost of Your Divorce

Good family law solicitors understand that not only is divorce very painful, but it can prove very expensive too. Apart from the fact that two households are more expensive to run than one, legal bills can escalate. However, if you follow these simple tip...

05th June 2009

Trust in Public Records

There is a woman in Washington State who was married to two men. Two! My hat goes off to her, because here I can't make a marriage work with one man, and she managed to stay married to two for five years! Must be all the breaks she took while traveling fr...

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