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28th April 2011

Cosmetology Estheticians- New Avenues in Beauty Industry

Esthetics is a branch of cosmetology that refers to the study, care and treatment of skin. Estheticians are licensed professionals who perform personal appearance functions that deal with improving clients’ skin and personal appearance. They work at spas,...

30th March 2011

Influence of Murano Glass Art

Venice, and especially island of Murano, has been regarded as the heart of murano glass art for the last seven hundred years. Ancient Murano glass artists were treated like royalties but were not allowed to leave the island. Venice intended to keep the lu...

15th July 2010

An Introduction to Candela GentleLASE and VelaShape Treatment

Getting a bikini wax is not simply for esthetic purposes, but it is also a personal hygiene process a lot of women, and some men, do. A bikini wax may involve partial or total removal of hair in the pubic region—otherwise known as a Brazilian wax. While...

12th July 2010

Home office furniture and executive chairs

You can tell a lot about a business and their products by the way their offices are furnished. Very likely, if owners and management had the initiative and foresight to create an efficient, professional office environment that incorporates both client and...

26th April 2010

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting Hair Laser Treatments

Hair removal laser surgery is more expensive compared to different procedures. Laser hair removal risks cancer is the most feared but it is well advised to investigate the clinic you are considering to visit, sometimes there is a difference between promi...

15th April 2010

Continuing Education in Cosmetology---Your Options

By gopu in Beauty
In order to peruse a career in cosmetology, first you have to obtain a license in your state. This will require you to graduate from an accredited cosmetology school. The full time programs in these schools generally last for a year or so. But your profes...

23rd December 2009

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has become a big and important business in dentistry. People are very conscious of the appearance of their teeth and more and more the health of their oral cavities as a whole. However, for social and business reasons the general publ...

18th December 2009

The Role of the Family in Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity, as most people now know, is effected by many behavioral factors. In addition to the behavioral changes that may be required by changing the way your child eats and how much physical activity they engage in every day, you must observe at...

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