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31st March 2011

Lose Extra Weight Eating These Three Foods

By Lori in Diet
Paying attention to food products is essential for decreasing pounds. Munching away on low nutrition items contributes to weight gain along with many medical conditions. Consuming healthy foods aids with decreasing unwanted body fat as well as lowering ri...

07th November 2010

Fat reduction Advice for Heavy Women

Weight reduction information for heavy women is generally the major topic I spend time on on a daily basis with individuals who experience my Skinny Asian Diet classes. It's a showdown you CAN win, as Asian women have perfected a ton of painless technique...

23rd October 2009

Negative Calorie Diet

When we hear the term diet, our assumption is similar to the hunger of fasting, but there is a diet that frees us to eat anything as long as we want to balance between calories + and calories - are known by the term Negative Calorie Diet. With our own die...

20th October 2009

The basics of detox diet

You can lead a healthy life and simultaneously lose weight in number of ways. One such popular way is following a Detox diet. Almost everybody knows about a detox diet. But those who don't know what to anticipate from it should definitely run through this...

02nd October 2009

Foods that Speed Metabolism

A Quick List Of 10 Foods That Speed Metabolism Are you looking for special foods that speed metabolism? Well this will probably surprise you but all foods speed metabolism to one degree or another. "How is that possible?" you ask. Let's take ...

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