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01st February 2012

2010 Divorce Rates and Longer Term Trends

On 8th December, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) released the latest figures on divorces taking place in 2010. Having recently written about the trends over recent years, and what this tells us about the health of marriage as an institution, it i...

29th July 2011

Best Divorce Attorney for legal assistance in Miami

Divorce is basically the termination or closure of a marriage. It is a bit different from the cancellation agreement which declares the wedding contract null and void. However, there are a plethora of reasons why is separation occurs and how to deal with ...

20th January 2011

Ileana makes her debut in Bollywood

By know all the movie lovers know the fact that Illeana is making her debut in Hindi opposite Ranbir Kapoor. The film's director Anurag Basu now officially confirms her presence in the movie titled Barfee. She plays the second lead in the movie that h...

22nd April 2010

5 Tips for Solving Marital Money Issues

Title: 5 Tips for Solving Marital Money Issues Word Count: 373 Summary: Keywords: marriage, financial, finance, money, relationships, family, finances Article Body: Whether you and your spouse both work outside of the home, or one of ...

02nd December 2009

Tips by Manhattan CPA to Save Tax

Tax filing and preparation is not an easy business, but it needs profession services of a tax accountant or a CPA. From financial planning to money management tips and money issues, it is essential to plan your income tax filing in advance. So the end of ...

27th March 2009

Income Tax Problems Practical Solutions

A majority of income tax problems start with marriage, divorce or death. Most single people are filing a simple W-2 return. Their return is straight forward either they owe or they are getting a tax refund. However, once married, going through a divorce, ...

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