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20th September 2012

Change of UI design: Nokia’s Lumia phones

Nokia’s smartphone Lumia has a similar UI design to comparable devices by Samsung or Apple. All three companies are increasingly trying to impress their users and want to outdo one another with an interface design that is both attractive and practical to ...

14th March 2011

How Can You Have Effective Presentation Skills?

Effective communication is all about conveying your messages to other people clearly and unambiguously. It's also about receiving information that others are sending to you, with as little distortion as possible. Doing this involves effort from both th...

11th February 2011

The Best Oxegen Forum

Oxegen Festival is an international event organized every year in Ireland since 2004. The main sponsor of this festival is Heineken, which managed to promote it in such a way that it became internationally famous and the country’s biggest musical event. B...

11th June 2010

Los Angeles plastic surgery - Men and Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery has been dominated by female patients throughout the world. However men today are no less and are willing to go under the knife to improve their overall looks and body contour. Plastic surgery Los Angeles offers solution to men who ...

16th April 2010

Poland In Mourning Over The Death Of Lech Kaczynski

An article about Poland’s mourning over Lech Kaczynski and what it is which in my opinion makes people cry over the death of their acting president even if he or she was one who was not exactly popular.It happened on Saturday morning of last week th...

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