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22nd March 2011

Silkscreen Artwork And Your Home

Artwork is one of the best ways our species expresses ourselves, and when you buy from Le Point sur le i Galley, you are helping that expression go a bit further and a bit longer. Silk-screening is one of the most popular ways of making artwork in the ...

23rd February 2011

Urban Art Styles: Stencil

The use of stencils in art is not a new concept, but street artists have developed the art form beyond its basic mechanical impressions into a staple diet of expression that dominates work done on city streets. To further define how this basic technique a...

09th February 2011

Eyebrow Stenciling - Tips To Choose The Right Eyebrow Stencils

Stencils are one of the best techniques to achieve superbly shaped brows. If you want to learn more about eyebrow stenciling then go ahead with this article. If you are a fresher to the skill of eyebrow shaping then stencils are the best for you. Eyeb...

04th February 2011

How to Design a Personalized T-Shirt Design

One of the most personalized crafts out there is making your own T-shirt. From iron-on transfers to sites that do the work for you, there are many options open to those who want to make their own T-shirt design. The most popular way is to buy supplies fro...

08th July 2010

Screen Printing Tips

Screen printing, also known as serigraphy and silk screen printing, is a printing technique that lets you create a sharp-edged image with the use of a stencil and a porous fabric. Screen printing's main focal point is the design. T -shirt screen print...

15th June 2009

Bansky Prints – Innovative website offers excellent resources on Banksy Prints

Art is just as popular as it ever has been, with an increasing public trend now considering street art to be on a comparative level with those of the old masters. The popular UK graffiti artist known more commonly as Banksy has just launched his first maj...

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