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09th December 2010

Essential Communication Skills for Businesses

Despite the differences in corporate culture, good communication and presentation skills are generally important attributes of a successful business person. Whether you are an accountant from Singapore or a CEO from the United Kingdom or a teacher from th...

16th November 2010

Five Keys to Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking

Most people are gripped with fear because they don’t know what it takes to give a presentation. They “talk” every day of their lives, so they think the same communication skills apply to giving a presentation, and when those skills don’t work, they panic....

16th September 2010

Kids Acting Classes - Why You Should Send Your Children To Them

Acting classes offers a variety of acting workshops, programs, and activities designed to provide the skills any young actor needs to master the craft. The most common question that concerned parents would ask is, “What do kids acting classes have to of...

05th July 2010

DISH Network for Women Viewers

Women have always been one of the prime factors in the world of TV. TV providers, content makers, and anyone connected with the TV industry consider women as the main part of the viewers. Women just love watching TV shows. And the same is the case with DI...

12th May 2010

How to Improve Speaking Power of ADHD Kid

In this way they have difficulties in their class and would prefer not to take interest in quizzes and oral tests because of their disability of gathering words. Here are some set of plans which help your ADHD kids to face such challenges: Offer him S...

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